Why Rancher?

Rancher is a complete software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure, while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools for running containerized workloads.

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Run Kubernetes Everywhere™

Unified multi-cluster app management

Rancher not only deploys production-grade Kubernetes clusters from datacenter to cloud to the edge, it also unites them with centralized authentication, access control and observability.

Rancher lets you streamline cluster deployment on bare metal, private clouds, public clouds or vSphere and secure them using global security policies.

Use Helm or our App Catalog to deploy and manage applications across any or all these environments, ensuring multi-cluster consistency with a single deployment.

Who uses Rancher?

Most developers don’t care about IT infrastructure. They just want to write code and build their apps securely using their preferred workflow. Rancher makes it simple to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to development teams with push button deployment of their containerized workloads on-premises, in the cloud, in hybrid deployments or at the edge. Meanwhile, operators can maintain full administrative control and observability.

Unified multi-cluster management

Rancher unites Kubernetes clusters with centralized authentication and access control, enterprise security, auditing, backups, upgrades, observability and alerts. Deploy and secure clusters consistently in minutes anywhere using our intuitive UI or powerful CLI.

Hybrid & multi-cloud support

Manage on-prem clusters and those hosted on cloud services like AKS, EKS & GKE from a single pane of glass. Centrally configure security policy, audit logs and monitor performance. Deploy multi-cluster apps consistently from our app catalog. Control access by connecting them to your internal identity provider like Active Directory, LDAP or Okta.

Centralized App Catalog

Leverage Helm for turnkey multi-cluster deployment of popular open source tools or apps from our partner ecosystem right within Rancher.

Accelerate DevOps adoption

Rancher supports tools that DevOps teams already love like Jenkins, Gitlab or Travis for building CI/CD pipelines, Prometheus and Grafana for observability, Fluentd for logging, and Istio for service mesh.

Consistent security policy and compliance

Rancher allows direct enablement of the encryption provider, and configuration of audit logging and rate-limiting. Scan and assess cluster configurations against CIS benchmark best practices. Consistently deploy securely provisioned clusters using cluster templates across multiple substrates. Includes support for air-gapped environments.

Freedom to innovate

There’s only one version of Rancher; it’s 100% free and open-source software. We won’t lock you in to a single vendor eco-system. If you change your mind about Rancher, you can remove it with minimal disruption to services.

Rancher makes it easy for you to securely deploy containerized applications no matter where your Kubernetes infrastructure runs – on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge.

Works with the tools you already love

Rancher integrates with existing CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins as well as other popular open source tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentd and Istio.

De-mystify Service Mesh

Rancher simplifies the installation and configuration of Istio and includes Kiali dashboards for traffic and telemetry visualization and Jaeger for tracing.

Deploy complex microservices applications

Our powerful UI and CLI help you build complex workloads at scale by giving you easy access to your Kubernetes environments, hosts, stacks, services and containers.

Maximize developer productivity

When cluster deployment and management is automated and immutable across clouds, on premises and the edge, developers can focus on writing code that delivers differentiating services, not worrying about the infrastructure that runs them.

Attract developer talent

The best developers embrace the platforms and tools that are endorsed by their peers. By embracing popular cloud-native technologies like Rancher and Kubernetes, enterprises can attract the best developer talent in the market.

Accelerate staff onboarding

With Rancher, new team members can launch applications and wire them together quickly at production level. They won’t need to know everything there is to know about Kubernetes before they can become productive.

By allowing operation teams to focus on infrastructure and developers to deploy code the way they want too, Rancher helps you bring products to market faster and accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

DevOps transformation

New cloud-native DevOps tools are emerging to support the transformation of IT teams in the enterprise. Rancher is at the core of this DevOps tooling stack that increases team agility and accelerates the time to market of differentiating services that delight customers.

Cloud-native economics

The portability and density advantages of orchestrating containerized apps consistently across any infrastructure using Rancher represents significant savings for any enterprise. We can tailor our flexible subscription for your cloud-native infrastructure and business needs.

Increase productivity & collaboration

Rancher gives you a secure, safe and robust container environment, balanced with the need for developers to run code on their local desktops, as it would run in production. Development and IT Ops teams can now collaborate because their Kubernetes clusters are consistent across environments.

Ideal for 5G, Big Data, AI & ML use cases

Kubernetes can scale complex, containerized workloads on demand in many deployment scenarios, including at the edge. This makes Rancher with K3s ideal for enterprises exploring 5G, CBRS wireless, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases.

Total Economic Impact ™ of Rancher Prime

Rancher Prime is helping enterprises simplify the management of their Kubernetes at scale. In this Forrester TEI Report, see how teams are yielding a 200% return on their investment in Rancher Prime.Explore the quantified benefits and cost savings of Rancher Prime.

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