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Rancher Prime adds value around Kubernetes in three key areas: Cluster Operations and Management, Application Development & Delivery, and Edge Computing.

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Cluster Operations
& Management

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Application Development
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Edge Computing

Cluster Operations & Management

Rancher Prime centralizes Kubernetes management across your organization, addressing cluster provisioning, upgrades, user, and policy management – anywhere.

Deploy & monitor clusters on any infrastructure
Deploy & monitor clusters on any infrastructure

Install Kubernetes clusters on bare metal servers, VMware, any IaaS cloud or at the edge in minutes. Rancher Prime also automatically deploys and configures Kubernetes components, such as etcd, and monitors the cluster health with built-in Prometheus.

Unify hybrid cloud workloads including AKS, EKS & & GKE
Unify hybrid cloud workloads including AKS, EKS & & GKE

Administer both hosted and on-prem Kubernetes clusters from a single interface. Configure security, audit logs, and monitor performance centrally. Deploy multi-cluster applications and ensure access control across clusters by connecting to identity providers like Active Directory.

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Centralized security policy management

Allow admins to define Kubernetes access control, network and pod security policies centrally, assess cluster configurations against CIS best practices, and apply them across any cluster. Ensure compliance and reduce the overhead on individual teams as they adopt Kubernetes.

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Integrated Active Directory, LDAP and SAML support

Enforce access control policies for individual users or groups. Administrators can enable self-service administration of Kubernetes clusters and namespaces directly to individual users or teams.

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Smart DNS provisioning for every application

Rancher Prime’s Global DNS capability ensures that users can reach your application from the moment it launches, with no extra effort required.

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Protect and recover from cluster failures

Run scheduled and ad-hoc snapshots of etcd, writing them to local or S3 storage, with management via both Rancher Prime and the Kubernetes API.

Application Development & Delivery

Maintain application service reliability and uptime with Rancher Prime. Manage Kubernetes workloads easily with integrated CI/CD capabilities and simplified deployment.

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Complete UI for workload management

Rancher Prime makes it easy for teams to deploy applications built on Kubernetes. Get visibility into everything running on a cluster and simply define scheduling rules, health checks, ingress controllers, secrets, storage, and other key configurations.

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User projects spanning multiple namespaces

Allocate multiple Kubernetes namespaces within the same cluster to an individual user or team. Quickly define access control policies, secrets and other configuration items that span multiple namespaces.

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Global and private application catalogs

Rancher Prime’s app catalogs provides developers with a library of tools to increase productivity and improve their application’s reliability running across complex workloads from hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, to multi-cluster environments.

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Enhanced observability

Rancher Prime’s built-in observability tools including monitoring and AIops, give enhanced insight into all Kubernetes clusters while ensuring isolation across different projects and users.

Edge Computing

Rancher Prime streamlines cluster management at Edge locations. Use GitOps and lightweight cloud native tools for efficient operations, monitoring, and consistent configurations in remote environments.

Application Deployment
Application Deployment

Edge computing involves deploying applications and services closer to the data source to reduce latency. Rancher Prime's application deployment capabilities can assist in deploying containerized applications to edge clusters efficiently.

Resource Constraints
Resource Constraints

Edge environments often have resource constraints compared to centralized cloud data centers. Rancher Prime provides tools to manage resource allocation, scaling, and scheduling of applications in resource-constrained environments.

Security and Networking
Security and Networking

Rancher Prime configures network policies, load balancers, and ingress controllers in Kubernetes clusters. When combined with NeuVector by SUSE, Rancher Prime secures communication and manage traffic in Edge environments, where security and network optimization are critical.

Lifecycle Management
Lifecycle Management

Rancher Prime supports automated updates and rolling deployments, which are important for maintaining application availability and reliability in edge scenarios where manual intervention might be challenging.

Monitoring and Logging
Monitoring and Logging

Rancher Prime includes enterprise-grade monitoring and logging tools to help you gain insights into the performance and behavior of applications running at the edge. This is important for troubleshooting and optimizing edge deployments.

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