Secure, Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Everywhere

Scale containers with confidence with Rancher. Get more value with Rancher Prime and securely manage your Kubernetes clusters anywhere. 

Comprehensive Value Across Entire Subscription

Ensure your workloads with the Rancher Prime subscription. Extract more value from Rancher with enterprise support.  Strengthen your container strategy with exclusive access to professional services and our rich knowledge base.

Security, Policy Management & Compliance

Implement a security-first container strategy with Rancher Prime. Deploy Rancher from our trusted private registry. Minimize misconfigurations across your clusters with access to pre-written Kubewarden policies. 

Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Everywhere

Maintain your cluster’s operational reliability everywhere with Rancher Prime. Run Rancher across any certified Kubernetes distribution and ensure Day 2 cluster operations with certified support and value-adding services available with Rancher Prime.

Clone of Extensible Platform with Shared Tools & Services

Enrich your organization’s Kubernetes through Rancher’s catalog of integrations and new UI extensions framework. Deploy tools from the Rancher app catalog or implement custom, peer-developed or built-in Rancher certified & supported extensions.


Our Rancher Editions

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The community’s favorite Kubernetes management platform — free forever

  • 100% Open Source
  • Full Rancher Platform Experience
  • Community Support
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Get the same Rancher platform experience with added value from Rancher Prime

  • 100% Open Source
  • Full Rancher Platform Experience
  • Enterprise Support
  • Access to Professional Services including Go-Live
  • Deploy from trusted private container registry


Prime Hosted

The premium white-glove service for managing Rancher Prime

  • 100% Open Source
  • Full Rancher Platform Experience
  • Enterprise Support with expert-managed Rancher Prime control plane
  • Deploy from trusted private container registry
  • Expert-managed Rancher Prime control plane
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Features & Capabilities

Get more value from your Kubernetes deployments with Rancher Prime. Fully supported and backed by a team of world-class experts, start scaling your clusters with confidence.   

Secure Container Management

Build resilience across production container supply chain from Day One by deploying Rancher from our trusted private registry available only through Rancher Prime. 

Day Two Kubernetes Operations

Centralized console designed for simple cluster operations. With access to our onboarding services, operators can quickly learn how to manage, upgrade, back up, define policies and recover clusters.  

Unify your hybrid and multi-cloud workloads

Implement best practices from our team of experts and minimize configuration drift with Rancher Prime’s full lifecycle management capabilities across any workloads including Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS and Google GKE. 

World class support and service from our team of experts

Ensure your mission-critical workloads with Rancher Prime Support. Troubleshoot roadblocks from implementation to expansion with our Kubernetes experts and guarantee continuity across your business.  

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