Cloud Native Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Harvester

Harvester is the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure designed for the modern cloud-native environment. Completely open-source and free to use, Harvester easily integrates into Rancher helping operators consolidate workloads and reduce the complexity of their infrastructure.

Harvester is the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure, built on Kubernetes and designed for the modern cloud-native environment.

Unify your virtualized and container workloads

Hyperconverged infrastructure doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. With Harvester and Rancher, IT operators now have access to an enterprise-ready, simple-to-use infrastructure platform that cohesively manages their virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters alongside one another.

Why Harvester and Rancher?

CNCF Sandbox

Built on Kubernetes

Harvester utilizes the Kubernetes API as a unified automation language across container and VM workloads. Experienced Kubernetes operators can extend Harvester’s capabilities and customize it to suit their environments specific needs.

Intuitive dashboard

Powered by 100% open source technology

Built by the Rancher engineering team, Harvester is powered by 100% open source cloud native technology including Kubernetes, Longhorn and Kubevirt.

1-Click Deployment

Simple integration with Rancher

Access Harvester directly within Rancher to through the Virtualization Management page and manage your Virtual Machine workloads alongside your Kubernetes clusters.

Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Designed for any IT operator

Although built on Kubernetes, users do not need previous experience with Kubernetes to use Harvester. It provides a familiar HCI experience for operators use to conventional HCI solutions.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Reduce the TCO infrastructure

Optimize your HCI by capitalizing the economic advantage of open-source cloud native solutions like Harvester. Free to use and built with open source technology, Harvester has been designed for operators to reduce their reliance on costly SAN and hardware HCI alternatives.

Enterprise Support

Modernize your infrastructure

Futureproof your environment by bridging the gap between your legacy and modern cloud-native solutions. Harvester and Rancher together provide an easy pathway for teams looking to digitally transform and modernize their stack.

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